We want to share who are the founders and Wellness Travel Advisors of Eco Wellness & Travel

Rebeca Delgado Fernández

Rebeca is a communications professional with a focus on advertising and design. Trained in the management of social networks. 

Since 2014 she has specialized in the wellness tourism segment, with evident management of the dimensions of wellness and the integrative well-being.

Since 2014, she has specialized in the field of wellness tourism.

She is a co-founder of Wellness Tourism Consulting Integral and an active supporter of Global Wellness Day.

As an experience designer and graphic artist, she is always searching for the meaning and essence of the experiences created at EcoWellness & Travel, and with her empathy and creativity, she shapes the journey in each of the programs we offer.
She is a loving mother and wife, a lover of pets, especially cats, and a lover of the sea.

She divides her time between working and caring for her family.

Among her virtues we can mention that she is a humble, honest, kind, grateful, responsible, methodical and organized person, she has a lot of creativity and imagination.


Laura Barrantes Requeno

Laura has a degree in Tourism and Group Management with experience in product design and tourism planning since 2000. In 2014 she started to specialize in wellness tourism. She also has several trainings in Spa and Comprehensive Wellness. National and international speaker.

She is a founding member of the Costa Rica Wellness Association (where she has held the positions of president and vice president). She is an ambassador of the Global Wellness Day since 2015, delegate of the International Association for Tourism Cooperation and delegate of the Wellness & Medical Tourism World Association.
She is passionate about life, she believes in karma and tries to help in everything she can, this is her IKIGAI. She is a dog lover, wife, daughter, sister and friend.
Her empathy leads her to participate in many activities, among which her passion for traveling and the promoting of wellness stands out, sharing her personal experiences and knowledge with others. She loves to learn. She belongs to several groups where she can grow as a person, contribute and support.
She tries to maintain a balanced lifestyle between family, work, personal time and passions. She is a sensitive, kind, respectful, honest, transparent and extremely persistent girl.




Our passion joins us. For that reason, in 2014 we started this challenge of putting our knowledge and experience to the service of travelers.

We believe that wellness experiences in Costa Rica can make positive changes. Let's build it together!