Aquatic therapies

The water has many benefits due to its properties such as mineral compositionn, temperature and others.  It is that it becomes an ideal resource for the treatment and prevention of many diseases through integral treatments.

The aquatic therapy, is useful for a variety of medical conditions or only por relaxing.


The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) in USA, defines aromatherapy as "The therapeutic application or the medicinal use of aromatic substances (essential oils) for holistic healing."

It is known as a traditional and complementary therapy that use essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds.

Some of the benefits for health are: reduction of nauseas, pain and body aches, anxiety, agitation, stress and depression, fatigue and insomnia, muscular aches, headaches, circulatory complications, menstrual disorders, alopecia (hair loss) and more.


Is a natural system original from India around 5000 years ago.  Its derived from the Sanskrit words AYUR (life) and VEDA (science or knowledge), recognized as the "knowledge of life".

Considering that disease is due to an imbalance or stress in a person´s consciousness, encourages some lifestyle interventions and natural therapies to regain a balance between the body, mind, spirit, and the environment.

Process starts with an internal purification, followed by a special diet, herbal remedies, massage therapy, yoga and meditation.


Helps to understand that being healthy is the natural state, reduce stress, maintain adequate body weight, balance the hormones naturally, helps to reduce some inflammations, provides healthy skin and hair, reduce the toxins from the body improving digestion, cleanses the body and clears the energy (recalibrate the physical as well as mental settings).

Digital detox

The technology has positive and negative effects in our life.  It could be a tool to inspire us, helps to work, to share, to learn, to teach, to communicate, to be connected, an do a lot of things through internet.  But those advantages also has caoused we spend a lot of time using digital devices and affect our stress, anxiety, loss of privacy, between others.

The key is the balance of the time using the digital technology.  We sugest some activities you can do for a digital detox:

  • Walk in the forest, rest on the beach and listen a river sounds.
  • Talk with friends.
  • Practice excersices.
  • Make a good deed.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Visit and relax in Costa Rica.

Forest therapy

Healthy nutrition

How we feed is relevant for a good health. Some people believe the food is not important when you vacations, nevertheless, is gaining more relevance in the travel interest.

If you have healthy habits at home, when you plan your next trip you will also consider the food options.

That´s mean a destination could be more attractive to the clients if offers a variety of healthy foods based on authentic and local products.

Inclusive Yoga

Yoga is an ancient spiritual discipline that means "union" and promotes to explore relationships with ourselves and the world.

At the deepest spiritual level, yoga allows us to externalize the self-love, the essence of our existence.  This discipline has multiple benefits for mind andd body for all sizes, capacities and abilities.


Mindfulness means paying full attention to something; is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you´re sensing and feeling in the moment.

Stress reduction is often an effect of mindfulness practice.  Some other benefits of mindfulness meditation are: lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and improve sleep.

Relaxing massages

Modern life has made everything go faster, significantly increasing levels of stress, anxiety and fatigue.  Many people don´t care about their physical and meantal health, that´s easily allowed to cause some diseases.

A good preventive practice for health care, could be considering relaxing massages more often. That practice helps reduce stress and muscle tension, improves blood circulation, increases mobility and flexibility, improves skin tone, helps reduce pain and sleep better.

Relax in nature

Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to reduces stress levels, rejuvenate your mind and body, improve your immune system, normalizes the sleep schedule through natural light.

Outdoors´s activities help to increase the production of vitamin D to maximize calcium absorption to promote bone and dental health, restore your natural energy camp affected by the extreme use of electronic devices,and  improve the creativity.

Fresh air improves blood pressure and a sense of Well-being.  When the levels of oxygen in the brain are optimal, generate serotonin, the neurotrasnmitter that affects the mood, appetite, memory, social behavior, and other processes.

Sea therapies

Sound healing

It is an ancient holistic discipline, that use instruments to produce some vibrations in the energy fields and on the physical body.

Generates many health benefits, such as: Contributes to improving state of relaxation, concentration, stimulates creativity, relieves tension and hypertension, generates positive emotions and thoughts, contributes to the balance of the chakras and the energy system, and much more.

Those benefits can be maximized when performed in natural environments.

Spa thermal

The nature continues giving us more and more gifts, now in Costa Rica you will have the opportunity to experience all the benefits of the mineral water an the heat facilities, in the thermal areas located at the sophisticated spas in some destinations in Costa Rica.

As benefits of a thermal spa in Costa Rica, you will have:

  • Soothe the muscles
  • Detox the skin
  • Stimulate blood flow
  • De-stressing and relax the body
  • Restore the respiratory system
  • And much more